Ovulation with no EWCM?
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Sue - July 28

We have been ttc for close to 2 years now and I have PCOS but tests have shown I am ovulating. I have been charting my mucus this month and should be due to O' 7/31. I have not noticed any change in my mucus, it is still white and cloudy but I have been doing the pee tests and the results are getting stronger and stronger, looking like getting a pos either 30th or 31st. If my mucus doesn't change to the ew stuff would I still be able to get pregnant when I ovulate or would the sperm dye before getting to the egg?


D. - July 28

Fertile CM can happen the day before you O so you aren't out of the running yet. BUT..watery is still considered fertile. If you don't think you will get the right CM, I would suggest you get some Preseed or use some eggwhites in place. Either of those will work.


Mimi - July 28

I have the same situation. I ovulate every month however, since April, my cervical mucus has declined and that is why I tried the Ovulex, but unfortunately, it has not worked for me. It only delayed my periods and didn't increase the CM so I did get the preseed for this last try this month. Wish me luck and I wish u all tons, and tons of baby dust!


Sue - July 30

Thanks for your responses, and I was right, I got a pos stick test today. Fingers crossed.


Lena - July 30

I'd advise against using eggwhites. The risk of a salmonella infection is just as great, if not greater, than if you injected the eggwhites. There are many nonspermicidal lubricants on the market that are sterilized and safe. They are pretty inexpensive (less than a tube of toothpaste) so well worth it.



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