ovulation twice
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Maren - March 21

At 11-12 days past beginning of AF I had stringy EWCM. Just like last month I detected the beginning of my LH surge and that night detected it fully. I also took it the next day and it seemed a sure positive. We BD those two nights. The second night it seemed I had totally dryed up. Well then a few days later I noticed EWM again and since been really wet. When I use the OPK I get two solid lines, the test strip a purple color. This has stayed the same since I began testing. This is when the box tells you you can stop testing. With the dryness after the first ovulation I didn't feel like BDing and now at the beginning of the week I haven't BD'd either. I have been trying to find some anwers and a few sites say that I could have tryed to ovulate at it didn't work out and then my body tried to ovulate again. Has this ever happened to anyone. I hope it didn't miss out this month. It is so frustrating, I hope those little swimmers were strong and hold up for a few days.



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