ovulation time
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s - September 28

Does anyone know if it is alright to take baths around ovulation time? I am wondering if it will hinder getting pregnant if you take a bath at this time since it may wash all of the sperm away. Does anyone know whether baths affect fertility?


Mega - September 28

I would think it was perfectly safe to take a bath during your O time. Now, you might not want to take a bath right after you BD, maybe wait at least 15-20 minutes, but after that most of the spermies have had time to begin their journey & hopefully fertilize that egg! Hope this helps. Good luck! Baby dust.


me - September 29

Taking a bath during ovulation time is ok as long as it is not right before you bd. This can lead to dryness and make inserting the penis difficult. You want to stay "wet" so it is easier and more enjoyable to have sex, which has been shown to help with conception. As for the male, they shold not have hot baths because it can effect the sperm due to the high temps. Hope this helps! Good luck!



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