ovulation tests please read
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rach - June 20

are they predictable as i was supposed to ovulate on the 19th and i have not at all i havnt all last week


amaka - June 20

How do i accurately calculate my Ovulation?


rch - June 21

type in ovulation calculator


Debbie - June 21

You ovulate 14 days after your period. I just bought the Clear Blue ovulation kit. It was right on the money for me to ovulation.. it gives you a smiley face. You should try using that one.. I have to play the waiting game now. good luck to you!!


Joby - June 23

yes, you do ovulate 14 days after your period if you have a 28 day cycle. It is normally calculated as 14 days BEFORE your period is due. With a 28 day cycle this is slap bang in the middle. I know, it would be great if we could see in the future for those of us with longer & unpredictible cycles. You could try examining your cervical fluids & look for the egg white type which is a good indicator, also some of the ladies on here feel their cervix, some take their basal body temp & some do all 3!! I have just started charting my temp. Before this I used the cervical fluid method & used OPKs last month for the 1st time. I did get a positive OPK, but because we only managed to bd once during fertile time I ended up with a BFN & af on Monday. Keep smiling, you'll get there!


kc - June 23

Joby is correct. You count backwards 14 days from when your next cycle is to start. I have a 30 day cycle. I ovulate on day 16 every month. I have been using the cbe fertility monitor and it detects my LH surge on day 15 so I ovulate on day 16. Hope this helps. The fertility monitors are very accurate.



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