Ovulation Tests - Which is the best one to use?
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El - January 16

Hi, could someone recommend a good ovulation tester or kit? My periods are always a few days to 1 week late so I don't really know the best time to conceive! Thanks


Kelly - January 17

First response, it's easy, just like a preg. test.


MuzikGurl - January 17

I have been using ANSWER, it's ok but, you have to pee in a cup, and the kind I got is great if you have irregular cycles..it claims to be good for any cycle type. It comes with a cup, and a tube filled with 21 test strips...for 21 days. I never seen any other kit like that with any brand. What I really like about it is the price it only cost me around 21-25 bucks at Walgreens store. the onyl bad thing is they expire on the tube it says 2007 but, there is a label on it also that says do not use after 30 days of opening. It's been 30 days since I've opened it and I still have 2 strips left (I haven't been using them everyday) and they seem to still work. the control line comes up but, my test line is very faint (I'm probably not ovulating yet too early in my cycle I guess...). This brand also has a pee on a stick type but onyl for 7 days but, it cost more. logically I think it's great if you have irregular cycles, don't know what week you ovulate, and if you don't mind peeing in a cup, not to mention if you don't want to spend a lot of money on strips. Wish pregnancy tests come in packs like this one does...would be nice. Maybe I should suggest that to them. Well anyways...good luck and happy baby dust! =)


Ell - January 17

Thanks ladies, I'll try them out


Bailey - January 17

I just bought clear blue easy - this is my first month using an opk so I can't comment - however, it is a pee on stick and I like because instead of lines it's a clear circle if there is no surge and a happy face to indicate your ovulation. I'm wondering though - this is my first time using this - my cycles generally run 28-33 days so I'm not sure when I ovulate - anyway I'm CD15 today and no surge yet - I've posted elsewhere on this site and on another site and have had suggestions to test 2x a day??? Help? Have any of you used an OPK twice a day.


eb - January 18

I would reccomend any opk , but i would do them in the afternoon, or early evening, b/c they say that is the best time to use them. i only do one a day.


all are not the same. - January 18

opk's in my opinion arent all the same. I tried the cheapy ones that preseed sends you with the same urine (in a cup) that i used the answer ones and the answer one gave me a + and the cheapy gave me nothing and I then I had b/w done that same day to mark my lh and it was high at 45 so I wont ever use the cheapy ones again. I would have missed my surge as it was also the 2nd day of my surge. The day before I got a + and I was at 19.5 ....I usually use the clear blue easy but they are way more expensive and someone from the usa just sent the 20pack first responses for me so I will use them now when I am not being monitored with u/s.



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