Ovulation Test Strips
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jenna - March 13

My last AF was Feb. 25, and before that Jan16...so 40 days in between, before Jan I can't remember... when should I start using OPK's?
I use fetilityfriend, and by using periods from 2004, and 2006 it says im expected to ovulate today or tomorrow... but my OPK came out negative yesterday and today... ??


Lilu - March 14

So you either missed ur surge or you're having a longer cycle? If you have more opks I would continue to use them and you haven't o'ed until ur temp has gone up. I had the worst time with the opks with the color lines. This month I used the clearblue easy read digital ones and I got my smiley faces over the weekend and no questions asked!! But your temp doesn't lie. My plan is to bd until my temp goes up!



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