ovulation test strip question
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canadagirl - December 23

Hi ladies I finally registered, my Id before was tryingfor#3. Anyways my question is...I bought these cheap ovulation test strips on ebay, and last weekend I was having EWCM but it didn't show that I was o'ving on the strip, despite the mild cramping on mt right side. so is that a possibility i didn't ov'ed, or can the test strip be wrong


Christina - December 25

Not sure if I'll be any help or not, but I also bought some OPK off of Ebay, & they do not coincide with when I actually Oed. Or at least with when I think I Oed...fertility friend & I both agree on the O date. I would think that the test strip could defninitely be wrong.


canadagirl - December 25

thanks Christina..the funny thing is fertility friend also agreed that I o'ed so we will see. I hope all the best for you


kristen - December 25

i have some off ebay and they don't work because i have a fertility monitor and when i get my egg on there i test with the other tests and they say i am not ovulating. But it seems like a have ewcm like 4 days before ovulating. meaning i wouldn't think i ovulate when i do. But everyone is different. good luck


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!



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