ovulation test question-please answer quickly
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Taylor - May 16

I should ovulate early on Wednesday morning. Just to make sure I took an ovulation test this morning (5/16). The test line was almost as dark as the reference line. Figuring the surge would happen during the day, I took another test that early evening and the test line was very, very light. Is this because I drank a lot of water or did I already have the LH surge and the level is decreasing and not very detectable by the test? When do you think I'll ovulate?


milissa - May 16

okay the one's that I buy ( from dollar tree) they say to take between 11:00am and 8:00pm and I know you dont want to drink tons of water..but we all have some amount of LH in us somtimes alot?? So I don't tink it can leave that quickly..so take another tomorrow AT THE SAME TIME as yesterday..always at the same time!!


Cutie - May 17

Which kind are you using? I used the Clearblue, and I think its a good one so far :)


L - May 17

Hi! I used to test between 7:30 and 8 pm RELIGIOUSLY. By fluke, I tested at 10 pm on Friday and Saturday night - I got my first positive Saturday night!!! YAY ME!! I've heard of lots of women only getting positives later at night - maybe try that! GOOD LUCK. ALSO - I tested again Sunday morning at 10 just to see and it was positive by by 5pm on Sunday, it was negative again.


Taylor - May 17

I have been using the answer tests-the cheapest at walmart. They've always seemed pretty accurate but I also miscarried last month so i'm wondering if that's it. Thanks for the advice. L, I hope we both find out were pregnant in about 2 weeks!



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