Ovulation Question from Newbie
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Prisoner_of_Hope - June 12

Hi Everybody,

I think for someone my age (41), I sure have a lot of questions. I hope you can help me. DH and I have been married 16 months and TTC for 8 months and nothing yet. I am trying to get my Dr to refer me to a specialist for a work up.

In the meantime I am hopeful and continue to work on diet (lots of veggies fruits, etc) and walking.

Now to my question re ovulation strips. I started using em this month and the strips show no surge from day 10 to today (day 20). I have a very very dull ache in my tummy and I have rt side pain for last 48 hours. I have that pain every other month on alternating sides and assumed it was ovulation pain, but now the strips make me wonder if I am ovulating. I have no EWMC as yet.

So how reliable are these strips. Should I try something else? HELP!!!! and Thanks!!


slowpoke01 - June 12

your cervical mucus is a good sign as to when you are ovulating i have been using the strips for about a year now and they seem to be very accurate if you dont have ewcm then i would say you definitely need to go the specialist as you may not be ovulating although some womens cycles are different and they ovulate ealier or later than normal you could also try charting you basal body temp you would have to get a basal body thermometer and use it along with the strips and then if your temps dont go up and still no surge line i would suggest seeing a specialist


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

Thanks, slowpoke!



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