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JENZEY - March 2

I was wondering if you don't ovulate if you can still have the signs that you are (temp., stretchy egg white discharge) My doctor told me I don't ovulate but I usually have all the signs that I am. Is he wrong & I do ovulate or do you still experience all that if you don't ovulate? I have tried the ovulation tests but I don't really understand them. I've spent so much $ on them & they never show that I am ovulating.


lisa_sc - March 2

The best advice I can give you is to have the blood work done to make sure you are ovulating. That's what I did, and come to find out I wasn't ovulating at all. Good luck.


pinky - March 2

Lisa, From which hormonal test they can find u r not ovulating? I also starts wondering from jenzey's experiance. I do ger egg white mucus, temp shift but i m not preggo yet. I went to see doctor last month and did routine normal blood tests. That day I was on Day-11. They said my hormon levels are normal. But I don't know which test they performed. I am wondering that on that cycle I got + OPK on day-15. So, Do u think they were able to see i m ovulating or not at that early?


lisa_sc - March 2

My doctor ran a progesterone (spelling?) blood test on me. Check and see if they did that test and if not, get them to do it. She ran it before I started on Femara and she is going to run it again on cd21, which I already know I ovulated, but she's checking just to make sure. Hope this helps and good luck!


pinky - March 2

Thanks lisa..



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