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julia - March 6

hello. this question is for anyone familiar with tracking ovulation via bbt, cervical position and mucous. i've been tracking this was for several months, and it's been pretty predictable. this month however has been a little different..... i was 'scheduled' to ovulate around the 22-24th of feb. cerv.position & bbt mirrored this - all was like normal...but my cervical mucous didn't seem AS abundant as normal. it was there, just not as much. so yesterday i started noticing a white discharge, very similar to the mucous when i'm approaching ovulation... but according to my current bbt (which has remained elevated) and cervical position (which is low & firm) i've finished ovulating this cycle. i guess my question is, can they be off from one another? and if so, when did i actually ovulate? last week, or now? i've read that during early pregnancy some women experience luekhorra or something to that effect, which is a white discharge - might it be that? i've been experiencing some slight cramping, and swollen breasts (not sore though). if cycle is normal i should get af on friday... i'm just confused because i've never had this discharge in between ovulation and af. any similar experiences??


julia - March 6

anyone experience this??


kare21162 - March 7

To my knowledge you would have ovulated when your bbt and cervical position was right on. Did you have intercourse around the time that your cm was egg whitey? It could be confused with semen.


julia - March 7

i'm sure it wasn't semen. i also noticed yesterday that the discharge was brown-ish. might that have been implantation bleeding??


Elle - March 25

i have read that if a person experiences a white or yellow discharge that is similar to ovulation CM it MAY be that you are pregnant. I WISH i could refere you to the article... all i remember is it was when i was looking up questions on CONCEPTION. I DID find a web site that i am enjoying for charting. IT HAS EVERYTHING and then some. IT PREDICTS a lot of things for me you could put in all of the chart info you have and from prior months and it does the rest! www.fertilityfriend.com I LOVE THIS SITE! also, i found it helpful to purchase a SALIVA microscope, it can help you see ovulation coming up to 5 days EARLY! mine is called MAYBE MOM and i bought it at WALGREENS for about $



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