Ovulation Question
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babyloves2play - March 26

Hi all, I have a question about ovulation. I took clomid on cycle days 5 to 9 - 100 mg. I used OPKs and supposedly ovulated around cycle days 21 to 22. Around cycle day 29 did hpt and was negative. AF never showed. On this past Thursday night which was cycle day 41 I did an OPK for fun and it was positive and did another on Friday and it was negative but I've also been keeping up with my temps for the past two weeks. I keep all of this charted at fertilityfriend.com and according to my charts it is showing that I may have ovulated on cd 42 or 43. Now on cd 44 and wondering what is going on with my body. This has never happened to me (that I know of). So my question is... has this ever happened to anyone else? If so did you conceive that late in your cycle? I didn't know it was possible to ovulate twice in a cycle. Just looking for info on what is happening to me. Thanks for any answers you have!!! ~*~*Babydust*~*~


pj - March 27

It is not possible to ovulate twice, atleast as far as I know. Since I had irregular periods, my doc did follicular monitoring as soon as I started my first clomid cycle..follicular monitoring is regular ultrasounds to check follicular growth and then ultimate ovulation. When I didnt ovulate by CD-25, my doc abandoned the ultrasound... she said that even in the remote chance that I did ovulate later, chances of resulting in a viable pregnancy are minimal with late ovulation. Maybe you should consult a doc



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