Ovulation Question
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kimberly - December 29

Has anyone ever used the ovulation scope? Did you find it to be accurate and did it help you to concieve? I just bought one and mine looks the same everytime I use it. For fertile you should see ferning or lines that connect, for transition you should see lines but not connected and for not fertile you only see dots. Mine always has lines like transition, how could I be in transition for a week?? I don't think it works, anyone else having this problem? I miscarried on Dec. 1st, still greiving but ready for a baby now, any suggestions?


frankschick2001 - January 5

When I saw that test at the pharmacy, I knew it would be too confusing to interpret, so I just bought the regualr ovulation test sticks (like the home pregnancy test). I find it very easy. I miscarried the end of October. We are currently trying again. The first time I got pregnant, we used the ovulation test sticks and we conceived on the first try. I am going that route again. We just started trying again over new Years weekend.


AT - January 6

Hi make sure you test first thing in the morning, before food or drinks. The fern pattern is caused by the sodium level in your saliva. Hope this helps.



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