Ovulation Question
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Paula - July 26

I'm new to this. Last month was our first month trying. I did an OPK and it said I was due to ovulate on day 18. No luck last month. This month I skipped the test but figured out 18 days into my 30 day cycle would be July 22nd. When I do an ovulation calculator online for a 30 day cycle it says it should have been July 21st. Regardless, we bd'd on the 19th, 21st and early morning (more like middle of the night) of the 23rd. During that time on the 23rd I felt slight cramping on my left side. I assume that I was ovulating. I've read a lot online that you should bd 12-24 hours before ovulation. Is it possible to get pregnant if you do it when you are ovulating? Basically just seeing if there is a chance.


D. - July 26

There is a small chance. Actually, according to research, your best bet to get pg is if you have intercourse every other day starting about 5 days prior to ovulation. You really want to have the sperm already in there when the egg comes out. The day of O is usually not optimal. HTH! And Good Luck.



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