Ovulation Question
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MG - June 28

Hi Everyone, I've been using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor this month. It was "stuck" on high from about Day 7-24. Now it is back to low, but I never saw Peak Fertility. However, I did have very stretchy egg white cm on Day 19, and I had some abdominal cramping. Is it possible that I ovulated and the monitor just didn't pick it up? I'd really appreciate some advice...thanks!


kc - June 28

I am also using the monitor. This is the second month. The first month it gave me high from day 8 to 15 with peak at 15. You may have ovulated. I think it takes a few cycles for the monitor to adjust to your hormone levels. This month I started high on day 8 i'm on day 13 still high. I hope it narrows the window down soon. If not I think I waisted my money. I would try it for another couple months and see if you get a peak. Since you had the egg white and cramping you probably did O. Are your cycles long? Because if you O around day 19 that would make your cycle around 33 days.


MG - June 29

Thanks, kc. I'm not sure how long my cycles are (I just started tracking this month), but I think they are longer then average. I guess I'll just "assume" that I ovulated on Day 19, and start to look for af (or not!) around Day 33. I wonder if it is possible to get the egg white cm and not ovulate? I hope not! Baby dust (:


Amy - June 29

Hey, I know that the cm is like egg whites for ovulation, but if you are pregnant, what would it be like? I am 11 dpo right now, thinking that I may be pregnant. I am due for my period on or around the first. I plan to take a test on the 1st or 2nd. Just depending. I have had some cramping for the past few days. started out mild, lil uncomfortable and yesterday, it was a lil painful. not much though. what do you guys think?


kc - June 29

Mild cramping could be a sign. I do know when you are pg. you get more cm. The further along the more you have. But that is all I know. I would keep my hopes up it sounds like you might be pg. The problem is having to wait to do those tests. I really hate the waiting.



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