ovulation question
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maddie - May 23

I sure alot of people ask this, but I've been searching the web for an answer with no luck. I am ttc with usually regular cycles of 29-30 days. This month I was 5 days late. Now when calculating ovulation for this month should I use the regular 29-30 days or now use 35 days? Thanks


Christina - May 23

Hi there, i dont know if this is even gonna help but it helped me, i went to this site www.mymonthlycycles.com and it detected exactly when the ovualtion kit i am using said i am, so you should sign up there and see if that works for you, i am usually off on this and started this kit earlier then expected to ovulate i always have problems with this date stuff and all. Last period in may i got earlier and for 3 days so it threw me off. just do it every day when expected to ovulate or every other day thats just my opinion. after awhile i am confused on when to even try anymore,lol.....all my best baby dust to all!


maddie - May 23

thanks for the site


christina - May 23

your welcome!


heba - May 23

maddie , my Dr told me what ever ur cycle is as long as it varies from 21 till 36 then its ok ..look all what u need to do is when the priod comes count 7 days then and then wait for onther 5 days and starts to make sex every other day and sleep for at least 3 hours ...it worked for me ...good luck



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