ovulation predictors
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melenia - June 6

Hello Girls, i would like to ask what time during the day is the best to use the ovulation predictors?i will be waiting for response....thanks a lot :)


~jasmin~ - June 6

the clearblue opk says on the instructions its best to use first morning pee,but ive read on here for others its between 10am-2pm.good luck.


melenia - June 6

thanks alot jasmin


melenia - June 6

i would like to listen any girl that she use ovulation predictor and finally get pregnant....please i need to listen...after how long time...please


~jasmin~ - June 6

i used it last month for the first time with no luck,i'd also like to hear of people who have used these before....


kc - June 6

Hi Melenia and jasmin, I have used OPT for approximately 1 year when trying to conceive my first daughter 5-6 years ago. It does help narrow down window but are sometimes confusing to read. I recently purchased the CBE monitor which gives you a reading on a screen and lets you know what are the best days. I have been using it for one month. It is easier to read, however it said I was fertile for 12 days which is not possible. It is supposed to adjust and give you a smaller window as it gets used you your individual cycle. I will know next month. PS I have endometriosis which is making it more difficult for me to conceive. I hope this helps. Stick with it. In a few months you will know your cycle pattern and if you have regular patterns you will not need to test every month. 3 to 6 months should be plenty for your to find your most fertile days. I hope this helps. Lots of luck


melenia - June 6

thanks alot....anyone else....any other experience..


melenia - June 7

any girl that get pregnant with ovulation predictor?and after how long time? thanks a lot



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