Ovulation predictor tests????
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Grace - August 9

Okay, I am not trying this month, but because I was on the depo shot for so long, I decided to do the ovulation test thing to see if I am ovulation. (I have been off depo for about 14 months now) I got my positive on the LH surge. Does any body know if that means for sure you are ovulating? Just because you get a surge, does that mean you ARE ovulation.. If you don't ovulate would you never get the LH surge?
Confusing I know, but some one please help soon!


Grace - August 9

Okay, every time I meant to say ovulating I put ovulation sorry :-) PS I hope to start trying next month.


nancy - August 9

if you have a positive opk that means you are ovulating but there are some cases that even if LH surge is present it doesn't guarantee O...i know it's quite confusing but i know most of the time LH surge is present that means you are about to ovulate.


Grace - August 9

Thanks for your answer. I know this is all confusing. So let me get this strait. If you do get a LH surge that means you are probably ovulating (or will). And you only get an LH surge if you are infact ovulating? (or most of the time?) I have been searching "LH surge" on the internet but not finding real concise answers.
Thanks for any body who can offer answers.


T. - August 9

I got this from my anatomy and physiology class notes. We studied reproduction last semester. Hope it helps if you can read through the mumbo jumbo. It sounds confusing.

Toward the end of the follicular phase FSH and estradiol also stimulate the production of LH receptors in the graafian follicle.
Rapid rise in estradiol secretion during the follicular phase acts on the hypothalamus to increase the frequency of GnRH pulses. Estradiol also augments the ability of the pituitary to respond to GnRH with an increase in LH secretion. This positive feedback effect of estradiol on the pituitary causes an increase in LH secretion. Get an LH surge.
This surge begins approximately 24 hours before ovulation and peaks about 8 hours later. Surge triggers ovulation. GnRH also stimulates pituitary to secrete FSH so get a simultaneous smaller surge of FSH secretion.


D, - August 9

Grace, You can have a surge but not ovulate. That's what Nancy explained. Unfortunately, our bodies don't always do what we hope they will. So we get positive OPKs, EWCM, high CPs and still not ovulate. BUT...That doesn't happen often. Chances are that T.'s explanation is more of what you are going through. You will get your LH surge and Ovulate. I'll just take it one step further. You can Ovulate, once you get your positive OPK, 12-48 hours later. Depends on the woman. I ovulate 12-24 hours after a positive but most of us seem to ovulate around 36 hours after a positive. Good Luck!


Kris - August 9

You might get an LH surge, but not O after. The only way to be sure is by charting your temps. If your temperature rises then you did ovulate for sure.


Grace - August 10

Thank You ladies. I don't know why I am so paranoid. I had a healthy baby 5 1/2 years ago, but after hearing horror stories about depo and stuff, I wanted to see if I was even working right these days.



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