Ovulation predictor kits
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G - December 7

Hi, has anyone had any success with ovulation kits. Did anyone get pregnant soon after using a kit??????


G - December 8



G - December 14

Hello< Is anyone around?????


ttc, also - December 19

ov kits let you know if you are at peak potential for pregnancy. you are usually at peek ovulation for two days or so. the egg white mucous lets you know that you are about to ovulate. you are nearing peek fertility then. also, ov kit will let you know those days by showing two equally dark lines--one in each window.


g - January 18

i had no joy getting a saliva kit to show up that i was ovulating loosing hope in it all now x


Robin - January 18

I tried one this month (we have been TTC for 6 months) I found it was hard to read. The sample given for a positive read is very similar to a negative. So I am doubting now that the positive read I thought I had, if it was really correct. I'll have to wait another week and a half to see if it worked or not.


Cleo - January 19

No luck with those spit kits.


m - January 19

Hi G! I swear by the ovulation test strips (they use urine-- I've never heard of the spit ones)! They are super cheap and they
WORK!! They worked for me every time! Go to www.babyhopes.com, and you can buy 50 for something like $32. They are so inexpensive, and usually it only takes about 3 days to get them in the mail. The key is to do it every afternoon/evening at the same time every day. You'll be able to tell when the line starts getting darker, which indicates your surge is coming on. I highly recommend this. It totally worked for me. Good luck!


Eve - January 22

DONT BUY CALIST SALIVA KIT i have used it for 2 months each month i do ovulate and not once has it shown up they are a waste of time and money!!!!!!!!!!!


Shelly - January 27

I don't know if anyone has heard of a maybe baby ovulation kit, i have one and I use it every morning before eating it is great.


Tricia - February 4

I used the kits for the first time this month and I can't read them! I probably missed my ovulation. It always looked the same to me.


R - February 4

I've got the saliva kit and it really works for me! The ovulation saliva is very clear - looks like a forest full of ferns. Otherwise it's just bubbles resembling a moon landscape with craters. I don't live in the US, and out here where I am the urine kits are very expensive, that's why I opted for the saliva kit so as to save a bit of money, but I do keep some urine kits in the cupboard, so if the saliva test does confuse me at all, I immediately do a urine test as well. But I'm fortunate, my cervical mucus is very trustworthy, I can almost tell when I ovulate only by looking at that. Good luck to you all!!!



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