Ovulation Predictor Kit?
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Cady - November 15

I've tested the past 4 mornings and this morning I had a dark line. The box says that this means I will ovulate (God willing) within 24-36 hours. My husband is going out of town tonight and won't be back until Thursday night. If we bd this afternoon, and not again until Thursday (48 hours from positive test), would we still have a chance this month? I'm confused when is the best time after receiving a positve. Anybody know or had the same question?


Rita - November 16

What I know about it is that once you get the dark line you should O in the next 24-48 hrs, and it's best to start having sex asap. The best chances for getting pregnant is when the sperm is waiting for the egg. Sperm usually lives for 72 hrs while an egg lives for 24. Watch for your cervical mucous to be like egg whites(stretchy) and take your temp 1st thing in the morning, it should drop .5 degrees(about) and then will rise by .3-.6 degrees AFTER you've ovulated. So it's best to try before your temp has risen. I use the opk and take my temps. I also check the position of my cervix-sounds a little nuts huh? Sorry for the graphic terms. I had a miscarriage with my 1st pregnancy @ 12 wks in May 05 and have been trying for the past 3 months. Wish you lots of luck and try not to get too frustrated, but I know it's not an easy thing to do! Baby dust


Cady - November 16

Thanks so much, Rita. I'm sorry to hear about your miscariage. Good luck to you this month!

So I did check my cervix and was amazed at how low down it was! Usually it's hard to find but it was right there! My husband and I had sex yesterday afternoon after having receieved dark line that am around 6:00am. Hopefully that wasn't too late. We'll see. I don't want to become craxy obsessed with all this pregnancy stuff. I think that stress can play a huge role in not getting pregnant. But, I do want to understand my body better and give us the best shot possible each month. we've been trying sorta lazily since August....but I have to say last month was the first time I really payed attention to my CM and this month was the first time I used my ovualtion predictor kit. It's amazing how much we can each prattle one about our pursuits to become pregnant!!!! I'm just now tryng to pinpoint my cycle length. It was 32 days the first month I started counting in August and has been 29 days since then so I'm not sure if this month will be 29 or go back to something irregular. Not sure what my luteal phase length is. I don't want to get inot themometers and charting quite yet. I guess I'm trying not to worry too much yet. Maybe by February if I don't get pregnant, I'll try the basal themometer.

Well, Rita, thanks again for responding and lots of BABY DUST to you too!!!!



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