ovulation predictor kit
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Kara - December 13

okay, i bought an ovulation prediction kit to help us learn when to try to conceive, just to be on the safe side i bought a kit containing 20 tests because i've never used 1 before. i took the first test 2 days after my period and it cameback positive, seemed to sonn so day 2 i took another test and BAM it came back positive so we decide to have sex, day 3 it comes back negative. according to a chart i've been doing on-line i shouldn't be fertile until dec. 15-17th, so what's up with this ovulation test, are they reliable , why would it say i was ovulating 2 days after my period ended. i'm so frustrated , this is rocket science trying to conceive. please help me out anybody, i'm desperate and need some moral support. kara


kara - December 13

please someone, anyone. i could really use a pep talk or some words of confidence. now i'm freaked out because someone told me drinking pepsi causes miscarriages or not being able to conceive, i'm weaning myself off pop alltogether, but i still have about 5 to 10 a week. any help would be greatly appreciated, especially on what is going on with that damn ovulation test.


amapolitamomma - December 13

I happened to use one of these kits this month, and it turns out I ovulated only 4 days after my period ended. I know it seems soon, but every woman's body works differently. Don't worry about PEPSI, seriously. Worrying and stress is worse for conception and pregnancy than soda. I too am trying to conceive, I ovulated today, and we'll see how that goes. If you don't have luck this month, get in tune with your body, start charting your basal body temperature and cervical mucus. That helps so much. Those things are the only reason I trusted that kit, because they all lined up. Now I am cramping and spotting, so I know that I'm ovulating. Also, read about how the kits work. That helped me trust them.



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