ovulation predictor.....i need help
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amanda - June 3

my cycle is arround 42-44 days. in which day of my cycle you thinlk i have to start use ovulation test.....please i need help...i need a baby....thanks a lot girls


Melissa - June 3

You are supposed to o 14 days prior to af. So, you should probably start using opk around day 24 or even 20. If that doesn't work the first month try earlier the next. You should technically be o'ing on day 28 - 30. Good luck.


Amanda - June 3

I also have a rather long cycle (36 days). I used ovulation predictors with my first child. I am older so the doc suggested that I buy two kits for one month because I needed to know if I was even having an LH surge. I also kept track of my BBT to make sure I ovulated. I tried this for three months before I finally conceived. I am currently trying agin and i am on month two. Good luck and I hope that helped.


amanda - June 3

thanks girls, amanda did you find which day of your cycle is your ovulation day? is the same damy all the months you use ovulation predictor? thanks...i will be waiting


Amanda - June 3

My ovulation was not entirely regular but on the month I conceived i did notice an LH surge using the predictor around 16 days before my period was supposed to start. My bbt chart also showed that I ovulated. For the past two months I have ahd conflicting results so I hope to see something similar to last time soon!


val - June 6

Amanda, if your cycle is odd. You may want to start charting and use a basal thermometer. This way once you see your temps rising you'll know approx when you start to ovulate. But keep in mind that your temps rise only AFTER you already ovulated. This will just help you pin point the days you should be having sex. I use the clear blue ovualtion tests and I also chart my temps. Charting is a real pain in the hinder, but it helps.This way you know for sure that you do ovulate. If your not seeing a spike in your temps,it might be possible that you don't ovulate which could make ttc take alot longer. I hope that helps a little.



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