Ovulation Pains
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AmaSmith - May 23

Can anyone tell me their experience with ovulation pain? I started my first round of Clomid with this cycle. Today is CD18 and I have had some cramping the last couple of days and then today for about the last 2-4 hours I have had some sharp pains on my right side. It hurts to the point that I can't sit or stand up straight. Does this sound like possible ovulation to anyone?


tonia - May 23

yes that sounds right! Good ,luck too you, you may have more than two follicles developed! What cd did you take your clomid?


AmaSmith - May 23

Hi Tonia!! I took clomid 5-9. The pain has stopped now ... its kinda sore but not painful anymore at all. I'm assuming you're TTC as well ... how long? This is just my second cycle. My DH and I have never tried to prevent but we've just started trying. DH also has a low sperm count though ... but hopefully this Clomid will work like the doc says and it will give DH's swimmers more targets to hit. :)


tonia - May 24

Yeah Ama, i am ttc.............starting trying in September. My DH has a low count too. Last cycle I took my clomid cd 5-9 and I had two follicles and I was sore for a few days after the pain stopped! Right now I am feeling mentrual like cramps, just dull and almost constant! So I hope I have a lot going on! I took my Clomid cd 1-5 this time and I am currently on cd 10! Oh and this is my 4th cycle of clomid and this will be my second IUI this cycle.


AmaSmith - May 24

Tonia - I wish you good luck with the IUI. I'm hoping we don't have to go there. I hoping, like everyone else, that we can get pregnant quick. I'm mainly hoping this for DH sake. He is so down about it. He wants children so bad and he has had it set in his mind for many years that it wouldn't happen for him. So not only am I trying to keep my spirits up but his too. I'm 23 and DH is 29 and we're in Alabama, how old and where are ya'll from?


crystal74 - May 24

hi amasmith, sounds like we're in the same boat. i am going to be 23 this august and my DH is 27. we never prevented except for nine months on the patch which i stopped taking 15 months ago. we've been together for five years. we been TTC for 15 months now. he's got low motility but nothing the dr. are concerned about. i've gotten the dye test done too and came back clear. never thought this would happen to me


AmaSmith - May 24

I know how you feel Crystal. You hear people talking about having trouble TTC abd never think it could happen to you. Then it does. I'm trying not to stress too much about it. I mean seriously, we're only in our 2nd month and there are people who have been TTC for 6 abd 7 and more years. I really do believe that God will Bless DH and I with a child in due time. I do wish you good luck and lots of sticky baby dust!! Thanks for responding too!!


crystal74 - May 24

you've been ttc for 2 months and your already on clomid? i've been ttc for 15 months and i can't get my dr. to put me on anything. she thinks we can do it without the meds. but if we don't get pregnant in the next three months with IUI naturally, then we're going to start clomid. good luck to ya


AmaSmith - May 25

Yeah Dr. put me on Clomid because when I went in for a regular exam I was on CD 40 something and he asked if I wanted a PG test. I told him at that time that we were trying. He had to put me on Provera to jump start my cycle and to help regulate me and to help with the TTC part we decided to go ahead and start Clomid. Plus my sister sees the same Dr and she had trouble getting PG, had a m/c and then had trouble getting PG again. (which BTW she finally did he's almost 17 months old now) so I guess maybe my Dr was looking at family history as well.



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