Ovulation Pain, Is It Before Or After The most Fertile Time?
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michelle - October 4

i have big time "o" pain right now. is this typically before, after, or during my most fertile time, or have i missed the boat? i get this pain every month, and i need to know if i should bd or have i lost my chance. thanks, michelle


me - October 4

I used to get them when I ovulated. FOr me it seemed that later that day or the next day I would get a gob of jelly like cm, which confirmed my o. That is how I know I haven't been ovulating...sigh...anyhoo, I would bd that night of the pain and the day after. The pain for me was right before I ovulated. Good luck and get bding!


Clara - October 4

Michelle - My ovulating pain was when I was ovulating. My doctor explained that it was pain from the egg letting go and traveling down the tubes. Happy BDing!



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