ovulation pain before, during or after
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Janet - March 13

Does anyone have ovulation pain (abdominal pain)? Does it occur before, during or after ovulation?


kare21162 - March 13

I was told that it occurs during. Hope that helps.


June - March 13

I have been told by dr.s not to rely on just cramping ...It could mean anything. It could be before or after or during. It's unreliable alone in itself. :)


kimberly - March 13

During for sure, what you feel is the egg being released.


Katt - March 14

hey janet, ovulation pain usually occurs at the time the egg is released, I feel a sharp "pop" or shooting/stabbing sensation, very dull - not really pain. it's a good pain ya know? Sometimes it even feels like it is moving from one side to the other. very faint. then it just stops. If you are having intense pain or sharp pain that buckles you over it might be a cyst rupturing. What exactly are you experiencing?


stacey - March 23

Like clockwork every month!
I'm on a 26 day cycle and I always get dull, low pain in my lower right or lower left abdomen. (not really in my stomach...more like behind a hip bone) around 12 days after the first day of my last period.
For me it last about 24 solid hours. Neve less, sometimes a little longer.
I always get watery spotting a day or so after the pain. only last a day.
Like clockwork



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