ovulation pain
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Allie - August 8

Lena thanks for the kind words. I am feeling better so who knows. I am taking aciphex for acid reflux so we shall see. I went to the dr today and they did a vaginal sonogram I have not ovulated yet!!! GRRR but I got back this Friday for a blood ovulation test and a possible HCG shot. I advise ladies to always get a blood test whether pregnancy or ovulation it is cheaper that the sonogram and more accurate than the urine. But I am hopefully. I still have breast tenderness and pinching on my right side so it is working. But also with Clomid you do get vaginal dryness and hotflashes even way after you stopped taking the medicine. BUT here is my question my temp has been 99.2 99.6 for the past week but how high does your temp have to be to start trying. I forgot to ask my Dr.


Megan - August 9

Yea, im 13 now but wen i started wen i was 11 i didnt get pain but last yr i started to get very bad pain. Sometimes i get really hot and have to sit down or i will passout and it always feels like some1 is stabbing me


to sue - August 10

yes I do doc said its normal



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