ovulation pain
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Sue - July 31

Does anyone else get pain in their right side during ovulation?


Allie - July 31

Yes. And I am on day 4 with my clomid, but on day 2 I got that pinching cramping pain on my right side where my ovaries are. I think because it may be working who knows. but to be on the safe side I am going to try every other day for the next 2-3 weeks.
But let me ask you a question? When you ovulate does it make you wanna have sex more? I have heard that too. Almost like a woman is in heat like a dog LOL!!


Sue - August 1

Allie, lol, well I havn't really noticed the 'in season' feeling but then again my body has never been regular. I have PCOS and I had very irregular cycles till I had a m/c in June. Since then I had a 30 day cycle and I got a positive stick test for ovulation on Sat which meant I should have ovulated yesterday and that is when I had the pain. It looks like this will be a 30 day cycle too, so maybe my body will be normal now. Fingers crossed. I wish you well with the Clomid, when will your af be due? Let me know how you go.


Mimi - August 1

Hello Allie and Sue, I was reading your posts. I too get alot of pain when I am ovulating. I had that pain since I was in my teens but back then I didn't understand what it was. As to my sexual drive during ovulation, it definitely increases!!! :) My hubby asks me if I am ovulating since I am practically all over him. LOL I wish you ladies the best of luck and great success in achieving your pregnancies. My time is running out since my hubby is leaving to Iraq in 2 weeks and my time has run out. I am very sad but pretty much had to accept it. Baby dust your way!!!


Lena - August 1

I get pain on my left side...even when ovulating from my right. Sometimes one ovary is more dominant so that not unusual. Sue, are you a horsey gal? I'm a horse breeding manger and only hear "in season" in reference to mares. lol


Sue - August 2

Lena, no I'm not a horsey gal but my family has refered the 'in season' to dogs for as long as I can remember so I guess it has just stuck. I think I am starting to understand what you all mean by the increased sex drive. Let's just say my husband is very relieved that he has tonight off! LOL. Mimi, I am not quite sure what to say as I have never been in your situation, but you are in my thoughts.


Mimi - August 2

Thank you, Sue, for all your kind thoughts. I will just have to wait until next year to try again. I have been bawling my eyes out knowing he is leaving. Hopefully the year will go fast! Thanx again. :)


Allie - August 2

Ladies, we have got to be strong it will happen soon for all of us. I know I am mentally drained with all the doctors giving me half information and not all the meds I need. This one dr in KS put me on 1500mg of metformin 100mg of clomid and I take 10mg provera every month to get a period. I am emotionally and physically drained. And with all the new dosages I was given I developed inflammation of my gall bladder and had to go to the emergency last night. So I was really scared cause I am thinking how can I get pregnant without my meds.
But I will be praying for all of you and baby dust to all. And mimi honey don't worry he will be fine and home soon. I know it is alot easier for me to say because I am not in your shoes. But believe he wil be worked up enough when he gets home that you may have triplets in there hahaha


Lena - August 2

Allie, I'm so sorry to hear about your gall bladder problems. My dad just had his gall bladder removed. It had become inflamed. He recovered more quickly from the surgery than he did from the initial inflammation. I had a gall stone about 10 yrs ago and it had be doubled over in pain so I can truly appreciate how much pain you must be in. Hopefully there is another cocktail your doctor can prescribe for you. Mimi, there was a cryobank offering free collection and storage. Its not too late to get quite a few cycles stored up before he leaves :) Sue, I knew you had to be an animal gal one way or the other. I told my husband that I will not be "in foal" and I will not "whelp". I breed horses professionaly, but we also breed a few our own personal mares. He can't think of it any other way. Its so embarassing when he asks our doctors a question.


ash - August 2

is it possible to get pain on the left side? yesterday i had very unbearable pain on my left side, can that be ovolution?


merlee - August 3

How long after O pain do you actually O??? I thought that the pain meant that the follicle was rupturing and the egg was popping out. This weekend I had pretty bad O pain sat. nite (cd 16) til sun. morn, but temp did not go up til Tues morn. I know that FertilityFriend will calculate that I O'd Monday due to the temp change, but I am not so sure it wasn't earlier. What do you ladies think??


Lena - August 3

Ash, We have ovaries on both our left and right side so its possible to feel ovulation pain on either side. Its possible for one ovary to be more sensative to sensation than the other ovary and its possible for this ovary to have sympathy pains for the less dominant ovary. Merlee, Ovulation pain can happen before, during or after ovulation. The follicle is a giant fluid-filled cyst. The fluid builds increasing the mas approx 2mm/day as the follicle matures. The follicle will remain tense until just before ovulation and then the encasement will soften until the pressure from the fluid causes it to burst open. The closest analogies I can think would be an abcess or a pimple. Its possible for you to feel the pressure as the follicle builds and its also possible for your ovary to become slightly irritated from the follicular growth to make it feel tender afterwards.


merlee - August 3

Lena, so I should go by temp rise? and not O pain?


Lena - August 3

Yes, O pain isn't very exact at all.


Sue - August 3

Hi guys, I had a bad day today, my cousin had a baby girl last night and I am happy for her but I can't help being peeved off at the same time. I think my husband is ready to call in the shrink. He was very cranky tonight after I said I had felt off colour all day. He said I was too obsessed, not a day has gone by without me mentioning babies and I am on the net everyday as well. How on earth am I going to make it through the next 2 weeks without being able to share my feelings and concerns with him. I am going crazy. Mimi, that idea of Lena's sounds good. I think if I was in your situation I would consider it very hard. I wish you the best of luck. Allie, that gall bladder thing sounds rather painfull, as if you don't have enough to deal with as it is. I know the 4th time I was in hospital after the m/c I just could not hold it in anymore. I just needed it to be over, I felt like a train wreck. Lena, I know what you mean about the husbands and Doctor's. My man grew up on a cattle farm and some of the things he comes out with are absolutely hillarious. Baby dust to everyone!


Mimi - August 8

Hello Ladies....thank you so much for your responses and words of encouragement. I appreciate them so much! I have not been on the site much for I have been so busy getting the girls ready for school and spending time with the hubby before he leaves next Tuesday (8/16). Yes, I have to admit, I have been going thru a real emotional rollercoaster. I go thru my good moments and then the moments that I just break down no matter where I am...like right at this moment. I do read your postings and I do cry with u all for I know the feeling and what u are going thru. And Lena, can u PLEASE give me more details as to your suggestion for storing? I was not aware of this. Hope u get this soon or you can email me at [email protected]. Thank you all so much for your support and I truly hope all your dreams come true very soon! God Bless!!!


Allie - August 8

Lena thanks for the kind words. I am feeling better so who knows. I am taking aciphex for acid reflux so we shall see. I went to the dr today and they did a vaginal sonogram I have not ovulated yet!!! GRRR but I got back this Friday for a blood ovulation test and a possible HCG shot. I advise ladies to always get a blood test whether pregnancy or ovulation it is cheaper that the sonogram and more accurate than the urine. But I am hopefully. I still have breast tenderness and pinching on my right side so it is working. But also with Clomid you do get vaginal dryness and hotflashes even way after you stopped taking the medicine. BUT here is my question my temp has been 99.2 99.6 for the past week but how high does your temp have to be to start trying. I forgot to ask my Dr.



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