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M - November 9

Well, last night my dh couldn't finish either! What's with these men?! jk, they have a huge job. If I got my + opk on Sunday (bd'd that day) and probably o'd on Monday (bd'd that day) and couldn't successfully bd yesterday...I think we bd'd the right days..?? What do you think?


Jen - November 9

M... I believe you did. We're on the same cycle. I did the same as you. I got a positive sunday and monday. I bd'ed monday, tuesday & I was going to today as well b/c they say you can ovulate 24-48 after u get the surge. And I also read that something even when you get the surge you can get a deplayed ovulation due to stress or something so I would bd til the end of the week to play it safe. Since I got my positive monday, I probably o'ed either yesterday or today so i'm to bd tonight and friday and sunday. I will cover all possibilities right?? I hate all this guess work! Good luck.


d - November 9

Hi Ladies, Well I am still waiting on dh. we will try again tonight. I hope all is well with everyone. baby dust to all.


M - November 9

I don't know about others on Clomid, but I can never tell that I'm o'ing by my cm. It's always the same. Does anyone else on clomid or meds experience this too?


Mindi - November 9

Looks like so much is going on. It's great to see everyone giving out such great advice. I still feel ill...at least my head cold is gone. Justine- how did the doctor's appt. go? I think we do need to start a new thread. I had such a time keeping up with all the posts, that I don't even know where to begin. Missing a few days really gets you behind. I was told that the women is suppose to O after the man as well. This is because the contractions will pull the sperm into the cervix better. That's what dh and I did. I go for my first u/s on Monday. We are so excited. My birthday is on Sat., so I won't get to have my normal champagne, but at this point I haven't even missed drinking. The thought makes me want to vomit! Good luck with the dreaded 2ww for some and the bd for others......bfp's for all!


Justine - November 10

Ladies, I started a new thread. It's called OPKs ***part 2***. This thread is so long now so come on over to the new one and let's hope the new thread will bring more bfps. See you over there.


Katie J - November 10

Hi Ladies!
Sorry, I don't have time to read right now, so if I sound a little self involved, I don't mean to be. I just wanted to update everyone. I have been using OK's this month. According to the sticks, I was fertile Tues. and yesterday. I have not peed on any sticks today so I don't know about today. Probly not though. BD'd on Tuesday (most fertile day) and missed yesterday due to DH's softball. How dare they have games when I am fertile! I think Tues was very well timed though so we'll see. I am entering the 2ww right now. I am on day 13 of my cycle. Should be expecting AF around Thanksgiving. (Wouldn't it be cool to get the BFP on a Holiday?) Today is DH's birthday so we'll probly BD again tonite. Good luck and Baby Dust!



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