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Mindi - September 9

Hi all! I am 25 and TTC my first child with my husband. I just got off of BC in Aug., after 10 yrs., and am a little nervous that it might be a little hard for me to conceive. I was wondering if anyone here has used the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, and if so, did it work? I am thinking about ordering it to help me to better understand when I ovulate. By the way, so glad to have found this sight. I just have so many emotions that I am going through right now. Thanks!


Alycia - September 10

Hi, Mindi. I think I just wrote to you on my thread! I am 26 and 5w4d pregnant with our first child. I definitely recommend an ovulation predictor kit, but I would get the cheapies until you think you're having a problem. I was lucky and only had to use them once! Hopefully you will be too. You can also read what I wrote on the other thread for more info.


Sara - September 10

Hi Alycia, this is my first month of using the fertility test strips. I was wondering when you knew when your LH surge was how often did you TTC with DH for? I'm afraid I didn't do it enough this month. Thanks


Justine - September 10

Hi Mindi, Alycia & Sara. This is also my first month of using the fertility test strips. After 7 months of ttc I'm hoping that this will take some of the guess work out of things. Alycia - congratulations, I've been reading your other thread and found it very supportive and helpful. Let's hope this is the month for us, Mindi & Sara.


Mindi - September 10

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I just feel that when you know the time is right and you are ready to have a baby, it's so hard to just wait for nature to takes it's course. It's especially hard when I hear of so many people around me winding up pregnant by accident, and here I am all ready. I pray that things will go smoothly. Good luck to everyone out there.


Justine - September 10

Mindi. I know what you mean about knowing when the time is right to have a baby. The urge to become pregnant has become so strong that I can think about nothing else (except of course my lovely dh of 2 months!). Using the fertility strips definitely helped me feel like I was taking greater control of ttc so I would recommend it. Good luck!


Renee - September 10

Hi Ladies! I was wondering if anyone here used the pee-sticks by Clearblue Easy? I just bought them after spending weeks thinking I was already pg - and I'm just curious if anyone has any feelings about these? A friend of mine also got somehting called Maybe Mom that looks at your saliva every day to see if there is a change. Does anyone have a preference to these or know how well they work?


Mindi - September 10

Well I sent off for the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor today. I hope I get it soon so I can get prepared to start testing. I agree with you, Justine, it will make me feel more in control and hopefully help things along. I am consumed with thinking about a baby. I am a little embarrassed to admit, but I have bought a couple of maternity outfits.....my hubby thinks I have lost my mind!


Justine - September 10

Hi Renee - This is my first month of using the Clearblue pee-sticks after reading about the success other women had whilst using them. I've not heard about the Maybe Mom thing you mentioned - how does that work? Mindi - keep us informed about the fertility monitor. I understand your need to buy maternity outfits, it's taking all of my strength to stay out of maternity shops although the rolling of my hubby's eyes when I mention going in is usually enough incentive!!!


kc - September 10

Hi Mindi- I've been using the monitor for 5 cycles now. I does work. I only have one suggestion. If you do use it. Stop feeding it test sticks after you get a peak result. The machine asks for test sticks in units of 10. After it hits a peak it stops reading results but asks for sticks anyway. Instead of a box of sticks lasting 3 cycles, I have used it 5 and have 3 sticks left. They are around $50.00 a box. You may get many high readings the first month or two. Then the machine will adjust to your cycle and you should get 1 to 5 high days before your peak day. Bd on the high and peak days and you should hit all your fertile days. Good luck. Just because you have been on BC for 10 years doesn't mean it will be harder for you. Many women ovulate 2 weeks after comming off the pill. So don't worry until it has been 1 year and no pregnancy.


Justine - September 11

Hi Ladies. Although we're currently on the 2ww, I wanted to share something called the 'sperm meets egg plan' that I saw on www.twoweekwait.com site as many of us here seem to be using opk tests. It's worth checking out just in case af makes an uninvited appearance this month. Hope not! Baby dust to all.


Mindi - September 11

KC- thank you for the info about the test strips. I feel like I am flying blind sometimes. Justine, I too get crazy looks from my husband. He wants me to just relax and wait....easy for him to say. I think we have this natural instict to have kids and you can't just turn it off like that. Baby dust to all....good luck!


Justine - September 11

Good morning ladies. 5 dpo today so another 9 days to go before BFP! Mindi, Sara, Renee and KC what stage in your cycle are you at this month if you don't mind me asking? Sara - in answer to you question about the LH surge - I have a 28 day cycle so counting 14 days before my af was due, I began to test about 3 days before that so I guess about day 11 of my cycle. My LH surge this cycle came on day 12. Check out the 'sperm meets egg plan' on www.twoweekwait.com it tells you when you should bd when you detect the LH surge. Hope this answers your question.


Mindi - September 11

Justine- Well I am suppose to get AF on Tuesday or Wednesday. I took an early hpt, and it was negative. So, needless to say, I am a little discouraged, but am trying to be optimistic about this month.


Sara - September 11

Hi Justine, I started AF yesterday so back to square one. My test strips indicated I ovulated around day 15 so we bd for just a couple of nights but obviously that didn't work this month. I'm currently on 100mg of clomid and 1000mg of metformin. This was my first month using the strips and I will try again this cycle.


Alycia - September 12

Hi, everybody. Sorry I didn't respond sooner - I was out of town. Sara - I used the opk for about six days with only a light line, so I thought they weren't working. Then I got my dark, DARK line and I hadn't even held my pee for four hours like you're supposed to. I was at the mall, and dh wanted to hurry up and go to the zoo. There was NO mistaking it, and it certainly explained why I had been trying to get dh to pull over the whole way there to do a little something fun in the car! Luckily, we bd nearly every day even before we started ttc, so we had bd every single day of my cycle already, and we certainly did that day and the next as well. Obviously it worked! Good luck everybody!


Justine - September 12

Oh no, I'm sorry AF showed up Sara - it's very frustrating and disappointing, isn't it. I get so mad when she shows her ugly head each month. Get ready with those test strips though because testing time in the next cycle will be here before you know it! Mindi - don't get too disheartened yet as you know although we cant' resist testing early, you're more likely to show a BFP after AF is due to arrive. So there's hope yet... Good luck!



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