Ovulation Kits
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Maria - July 29

My husband and I are considering using an ovulation test kit. Has anyone found these to be useful? If so, what brand? I haven't really looked into it yet, but I am just planning ahead since I expect to get my period tomorrow. I'm not really having any signs so I don't have my hopes up.


kc - July 29

I have used every brand and type out there. The ovulation scopes do work but take some getting used to you need to test first thing in the morning and let the saliva dry completely to get a good result. The sticks are easier to use but sometimes hard to read and can get costly. If you use the stick test get a name brand like clear blue easy. The less expensive ones sometimes do not give you a clear positive. They also work well if you chart your temp, cervical mucus and cervical position at the same time. That is what I have been doing and it has been working well. I am currently using the CBE fertility monitor. It does work but gives me too many fertile days around 8 and I know I am not fertile that long. To judge on when you should start testing: Most women ovulate 14 days before there period is to start so I would start testing 3 to for days before this so you don't miss your lh surge. When you hit your lh surge you will ovulate within 12 to 36 hours and the egg is okay for only a few hours after ovulation. It is best to bd the few days before and the day of ovulation. Some recomend bding the day after also. I hope this helps and I did not confuse you. Lots of Luck and baby dust.


Beth - July 29

I have used first response, and answer brands. First response showed very clear positives, answer was ok, but not as obvious. Also, they do have 20 strips in the answer kit, but they are only good for 30 days, since they are all in the same package.


Maria - July 29

Thanks for the info. I have glanced and see the first response kits on the drug store shelves. I haven't see the clear blue easy. Thanks again!



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