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kc - October 23

please help! ttc (+) ovulation test on sunday the 16th then (-) test all week 17,18,19,20,and 21. yet then on sat. the 22nd i had a (+) test. what does all this many? has this ever happend to anyone b4? please help this is my last chance to become pergnant. my husband is going out to sea for 6 months and we really want a to have a baby.


to kc. - October 23

What kind of test strips are they? Are you on any type of fertility drugs?


Tiffany - October 23

I used the answer test strips and got a + on cycle day 5 as soon as my period stopped so I don't know if it had to do with hormones or what, but it was weird to me to get a + that early I usually have a 24-27 day cycle so I tested from cyle day 5-13 and got a definite + on cycles days 11-13 so I don't know what the deal was w/ the cycle day 5 test I think I thought it was positive and it wasn't as dark as it should have been because the other test were extremly dark compared to the first one that I took.


not sure - October 24

I have heard that sometimes opk tests can give a + earlier than a pg test???? Google it to see.



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