Ovulation Confusion?!?!?!?! Maybe help from G Viv??
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Shay - December 20

Hi Everyone. I'm hoping to get some help. Here's a little background: I'm 30 yrs old, TTC for over 1 year with no luck, DH is 29 and have a 7 yr old daughter. Been taking temps in the mornings upon waking for months and months, but not really charting. Just basically using my temps to indicate ovulation & when I'll start AF, as my cycles range from 27-37 days. Anyway, last AF was December 1, on December 15 or 16 my temps dipped to 96.8 (usually around 97.6 normally), which I thought meant I ovulated. So, yesterday, my temp dipped again to 97.3. Hadn't had any other ovulation signs, but began cramping yesterday and by mid afternoon noticed egg white mucus. So, then I thought maybe I was ovulating then. But, am I mistaken or isn't the dip in temperatures supposed to indicate that you have ALREADY ovulated? Not that you will ovulate? I'm becoming very confused and very frustrated at the same time. I feel like such a failure to be so confused even after trying for soooo very long. I feel now as if I have no clue when to BD or when I ovulate and maybe I've been doing things wrong all this time. But, every site I go to says that the temperature dip indicates that ovulation has already taken place. But then, what would the mucus have been from yesterday? I've been cramping since yesterday morning and am just overall confused at this point. Temp went back up to 97.7 this morning, by the way. I know this is a lot to take in but any advice anyone could give me would be so very much appreciated. I'm starting to lose faith in myself and my ability to even chart properly to help achieve pregnancy. Sorry to be so negative, I think the holidays (and people popping up pregnant all around me) is kind of bringing me down a little. I would appreciate any help that anyone could give.


Shay - December 20

as if my first post wasn't long enough... :-) I just wanted to add that, as I said before my temp went back up today to 97.7, but I still have the ewcm, not as much but some. Just confused. Again, any advice would be great.


Mary - December 20

I think a dip in temps can also be an implantation dip. I don't chart, but have heard other women say this. Good luck! :)


Shay - December 20



medi12 - December 20

My OB/GYN told me not to even bother with charting temps because they can be misleading... and sometimes your temp never rises. The ewcm = definate ovulation. My advice -- start charting your CM throughout the month and take OPKs -- that should give you the range of days best feasible to concieve.



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