Ovulation confusion
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Hanna - July 29

Hi, ladies
we are TTC for 5 months and I have PCOS, am on metformin (1500 to 2000 per day) and tried clomid for 2 cycles... no luck. I began charting BBT in July (AF on July 2nd, w Metformin have 32 day cycles). But am so confused! tempreture jumps from 97.2 on 07/07 for example, to 98.3 on the 17, 18, 19 and then back down to 97.1... does this make any sense??? Please help. thanks to all who respond.


D. - July 29

Hanny, would you be willing to post your chart for us to see? There isn't enough information above. You mention 07/07 then that it jumped 17/18/19. Did you temp until the 17th or was that the next time you took a temp? When it went back down did it stay down, or did it go back up?


for D. from Hanna - July 29

I charted all month (x. one weekend when i overslept). Unfortunately i just keep a log in a notebook and cant post. Will do this online next month. I seemed my temps were on the lower scale b/f the 17th, stayed high until 19th then went back down since, and went up .2 degrees as of today. this is why i am sooo confused. i thought your temps are supposed to stay up after ovulation until you either AF or find out you are prego... i appreciate any thoughts you may have on this. Hanna


D. - July 29

{{Hugs}}} It's so frustrating. Your temps can do all sorts of screwy things. if you slept with no air conditioning for a couple of days then used it last night, your temp could be lower. If you have slept for a couple of days with no blanket, then threw a blanket on last night, your temp could be higher. If you had a glass of wine it could be higher, if you got up or had less than three hours sleep it could be higher. See what I mean? That's why you need more than one cycle to begin to see what your pattern is. It is crazy but once you get the hang of it, it's going to really be an eye opener. I Promise! D. PS: Sorry about my type. Didn't mean to call you Hanny.



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