Ovulation: clear & eggwhite??? a MYTH.
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LaLa - February 6

Hi, i'm 25 yrs old and have been ttc for 5yrs. I haven't sought out any medical help or anything. I've been wanting to...but am afraid to be told by doctors those 4 dreadful words....which are "You can't get pregnant" Also the other reason I haven't gone to any specialist is because 4yrs ago I told myself: No i won't get help because what if I get pregnant later...in the long run. So that would of been a waste of money if I had gone for help. Well now its been 5yrs and during that 5yrs, I did notice one thing for sure. That clear, raw-egg white mucus that EVERYONE has when they ovulate, does not exist in my body. So I can never know when im ovulating. At first, I thought, maybe I don't ovulate. But in my case it can't be true because I do get a period every month, so therefore I am ovulating. So is that why I can't get pregnant? ..because i'm lacking that fluid, sperm won't be able to swim?? We all need the sperm, the egg, and that clear white stretchy fluid right??


ann - February 6

i think maybe you should get help because i have read that even thought you get your period every month is does NOT mean that you ovulated--good luck !


Tracy - February 6

She is right. A period does not indicate ovulation occured. Also, instead of looking for the egg-white cervical fluid, use an ovualtion predictor kit. You but them at the drug store, there are seven pee sticks per box, and around cycle day 9, I would start peeing on them. If you ovulate, the stick will pick up a hormone surge and let you know that you are about to ovulate, but you have to look at the directions to know you have interpreted the lines correctly. It's actually really easy. Since you don't know if and when you ovualte, I would buy two boxes for the first time you do this and just pee on a stick once a day for two weeks or until you see about two days of a surge. If you have sticks left over, just use them the next month. Good luck. Oh and I have read that some women just don't create EWCM but that doesn't mean they don't ovulate. There are lubricants like Preseed that you can use to help the little swimmers reach their final destination.


Tracy - February 6

Sorry, meant to say you "buy" the kits at the drug store.


Ericka - February 6

Ann and Tracy are correct. Just because you get your period does not equal ovulation. You can use OPKs like tracy suggested, but that does not neccessary mean you will ovulate, only that your body is getting ready to ovulate and can be quite expensive after a while. You can also chart your BBT. Which won't let you know when your ovulating, just that you did. Good Luck


Chas - February 6

My doctor advised me to chart my basal body temp when I first went for help to see if in fact I was ovulating. That is the best way in my opinion to see if you are ovulating. Some people don't experience the egg white cm even though they do ovulate. I would chart your temp and then go from there. You never know what the issue could be. It could be him.


LaLa - February 6

Thanks u guys are very helpful....So just because I get a period doesn't mean I ovulate...I was afraid that was the case...So does this mean I have a horomone problem?? or just lack of cervical fluid??


Azaria - February 9

It means u probably not ovulating...go see a doctor, Doctors are GOD ways of helping u out.


Isis - February 9

Some times you can be ovulating and not have that much discharge. But there might be some. Some people try robitussin because it helps release some.



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