Ovulation bleeding??????
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Fall - January 13

I'm due to ovulate Sunday or Monday... but today I had some very light bleeding. I'm I ovulating, and can I get pregnat even though I'm having mid cycle bleeding!! My husband and I did have intercourse last night could this have caused the bleeding? And I had a mc Nov. 29th @ 9 weeks!! Is this bleeding going to effect my chances of getting pregnant? Sorry so many questions!!


tonia - January 13

from what i have read and heard, spotting at midcycle is a fertility sign. It is caused by the rise in estrogen or the actual release of the ovum can cause bleeding too and therefore, cause spotting as well. So BD like crazy this could be it ofr you! I had the Ovulation spotting only twice in my life, including this month! Good luck!


Fall - January 13

tonia, oh... thank you!! I feel much better!! Well I wish you lots of luck!! I will keep ya updated.



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