ovulation and cysts
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cassie - September 14

I recently with off the pill and thought iw as pregnant becaue my period is three weeks late, but i went in for an ultrasound and found i had a cyst on my left ovary and not preg according to blood test and ultrasound. I am wondering when i iwill ovulate since my period is so late??? how do i know?? i know its 14 days after the start of your last menstrual period, but when will i since it's three months late?? Please help


Natalie - September 15

I would recommed you see your gyno because I think this is beyond the scope of a layman to give you a good advice... Please see a professional and get some help asap


Gia - September 20

Hi! Not sure when you'll ovulate. My doctor told me that people dont necessarily ovulate the same time everymonth. It all depends on the person. My advice is to see your doctor and also invest in a clearblue fertility monitor for next month. They are about two hundred dollars. Kinda expensive but they are pretty accurate. You start it on the first day of your period and it will tell you what days to urinate on test sticks. It then reads the sticks and displays your fertility statis. It will tell you when you are ovulating. So you'll know what days to have sex. Good Luck!


lone_dove - September 26

Go to a gyno and see what he will say about it, He will most likly get to do a temp chart and get some blood test done.


to cassie - November 21


this question and answer to help you talk to your OBGYN.

Good Luck!


to Cassie - November 21

The above link is no good - let me try again: http://www.ivillagehealth.com/experts


cammy - January 23

I had an ultrasound getting ready for IUI and the doc said I had a cyst. He gave me clomid and I did ovulate the next month


Melissa - February 1

Cammy, how is it that you got Clomid so easily, my gyno does not want to give it to me, he said that my hubby needs a spearm count and tests before I can go on clomid - can I ask for it?



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