Ovulation and Clomid
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Audrey - October 25

To all those gals on Clomid..... what was the latest cd you ever ovulated on clomid? I had really long cycles, like 60 days, before I got on clomid. This is my first round on 50 mg. and I am on day 23 of this cycle. My clearblue fertility monitor, and my cm, say that I haven't ovulated yet. I am confused! Am I not going to ovulate, or is clomid not shortening my periods and I will just ovulate when I would have on my longer cycle? Also, I took clomid on cd 3-7. Any info would help, I am really getting bummed out.... What have your experiences been? Thanks!!


bump - October 25



Edy - October 25

Audrey- You may not be ovulating or you may have. If you are taking Clomid for PCOS, OPK's don't work. CLomid also dries cm sometimes and you don't get that egg white. Are you going to an OB/GYN or an RE? Sometimes you have to increaes the dosage of Clomid. If you go to an RE they monitor you much better. You can only take Clomid for 5-6 cycles and then it is on to something else so it is better to be monitored closely. I was on Clomid 100mg days 3-7 and O'd on day 15 with HCG trigger, but I was monitored by u/s. Did not get pregnant because my hormone levels were not quite right. So now I am taking Follistim injections. Hope this helps. Try to stay positive! It will happen!!!!


Kerri - October 25

Hi Audrey--don't give up, here's a story of hope! I took Clomid days 3-7, (I have PCOS and my husband has low sperm count) and we waited and waited(my cycles were usually 31-48 days before the Clomid) I used OPKs....and YES they can work even with the PCOS. The box warns about getting false positives, but I NEVER got a positive until cd29! I bought 2 different brands just to make sure-both +. So I ovulated on cd31 and had the ewcm and we db cd 28, cd30, cd31, cd32----then bamm, BFP on cd 46! Now I'm 8.5 weeks pregnant and I've seen the tiny heartbeat. So don't get yourself down or beat up over late ovulation...it can happen...I'm proof. Good Luck!


Audrey - October 25

Kerri, thanks for the hope! I don't have PCOS. I am going to a OB/GYN, not an RE. My doctor said she was going to do three cycles at 50 mg., three cycles at 100 mg., and then three cycles at 200 mg. If I don't get pregnant during that time, then we will have to look at other routes. I hope that I have, or will ovulate this cycle...... but the fertility monitor will stop making me test at a certain date because it only works if your cycle is 42 days or shorter. I guess I will keep bd'ing until af starts! If it ever will!


morgan - October 25

i'm wondering about this too. has anyone ever been on clomid, used the fertility monitor, ovulated, but never got a peak? thx


bump - October 25



To Audrey - October 25

Hi Audrey, has you ob/gyn mention the side effects with such a high dose of Clomid (200mg)? I heard it can thin out your lining of your uterus. My ob/gym won't prescribe anything above 100mg or at least not until as a last resort. The highest he says most docs go is 150mg. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you..


to audrey - October 25

i just finished my first round of 50 mg clomid and my previous cycle was 50 days. this cycle i had positive opks on day 15 and day 21 but my temps never rose. on day 30 i had another positive opk and my temps did rise after that. i got my period on day 40. so my cycle was shorter than the last one, but still longer than mine used to be before they became irregular. good luck.


Audrey - October 26

No, my doctor has never given me the side effects of 200 mg. She told me that hopefully I will get pregnant before I ever get to that point. I don't like the thought of the lining of my uterus thining out! :) I hope I will ovulate this cycle still. Thanks for all the info!


dee - October 27

I suggest going to a RE. The gynos dont monitor at all.
Kerri, how many tried did it take you to get pregnant?



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