Ovulation & Irregular Periods
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Tina B - January 4

My period normally comes every 34-38 days (is this irregular?). They are normally quite painful, but bareable meaning I can work etc as normal. I came off the pill 1 yr ago and had a couple of quite irregular periods - over 40 days. Do you think that I am ovulating?


JenG - January 4

I would do a Basal Body Temperature chart for a couple of months to find out. If you have a thermometer that registered in .1, like 97.1, 97.2, etc., this would work well. Just take your resting temperature when you wake each morning around the same time. For women who ovulate, there temperature will shift .4 or more in degrees mid way through there cycle. For me, this is around, but not always, CD19. You temperature fluxs during the month, so I would not get to involved until you look at what you collected when your next AF starts. You should see a patterned shift during the month. For me it is obvious. First half, I am 97.1 to 97.5 and in the later after ovulation, I am 97.9 to 98.4. Some women are different, but it gives you the idea. If you can't find a pattern in 2-3 months of tracking... go to your OBGYN with your findings. There is much information on the Net on this... Good Luck!


lux - January 5

Hello JenG....i have been taking the bbt readings for some 4 months...i haver noticed that after my ovulation theres gradual increase in Body temp. I get my periods usually on 29th day. Ideally it should show the elevation in temp on 16th day...but it always shows on 17day of my cycle and during my 24-26th days its goes to the peaklike 98.6 which is otherwise 98.3 and around my 27th day it drops back to 98.3 and get my periods on 29th/30th. Does that mean anything?



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