Ovulation after laparoscopy
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EB - November 25

Does anyone know how soon does it take to ovulate after laparoscopy.I have been for lap on 11/11/05 and had endometriosis.Doc cleaned it out and said I should be able to fall pregnant.Do I need to wait for a new menstrual cycle?does ovulation occur after this operation?Anyone with success stories?


kc - November 26

I have the same question. I recently had a lap done on 11/9 to remove endo. I also had one 6 years ago for the same problem. With this one my cycle started right on schedule. I'm hoping it will be the same with this time. My doc told me to expect af in 6 to eight weeks after the procedure. He told me to wait 2 weeks to bd but said nothing about using bc until the first af. So I guess as long as you wait the recommended 2 weeks you can start ttc. If af doesn't arrive in 6 weeks post surgery I'll probably hpt like crazy. Lots of luck.


Elena - November 26

Hi, I had a lap on 9-20-05 for scar tissue on fallopian tubes and had to wait six weeks ttc. Took clomid 11-13 and finshed on 11-17 and have been cramping. Have been using the CLEARBLUE EASY OPK. Have been taking it everyday since 11-20-05 and nothing, and last night for some reason I went the bathroom and noticed my cm was like egg whites so I decided to do opk at 11pm and had to dark lines very alike. Woke my husband and showed him and told him that we need to get busy! lol. But still cramping so just waiting to see what happens. will keep updated baby dust**


EB - November 28

ladies, thanks alot for the reply.KC, I am not sure what your abbreviations stand for.so are you saying that the bleeding after the op is your normal cycle.so we can start trying 2 weeks after the op?But how do we estimate ovulation?Have been trying saliva ovulation test kit with no success.Please help.Good luck Elena.


kc - November 28

Af is period (aunt flo) - Bc is birth control. I have been ttc for close to 2 years now. I'm not going to worry about when I ovulate until my first period after surgery. I don't want the stress of trying to figure out when it will be. In the past I used opt and checking cervical position and mucus. I'm taking this time to enjoy the holidays without worring when to bd (baby dance). If nothing happens by March. My doc is going to start me on fertility meds. If I'm still on schedule af will arrive within the next few days. If not I'll have to wait 3 to 5 weeks before I can use an hpt. Lots of luck and baby dust to all.


EB - November 28

KC, thanks for the meanings of the abbreviations.I wish I could not worry like you.I know the feeling, it is too stressful.I am worried that if I do not fall pregnant asap, the endometriosis will be back and that would mean another op.But i wish you all the luck, but please do keep in touch.It is comforting to know there's others out there just like me.



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