Ovulation after induced period with Provera?
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Sabrina79 - February 27

Okay I have a question, can you estimate ovulation for the next month after taking Provera (10mg x 10 days)? I had a HSG procedure on 2/22 and had not had a period before hand since October 05. So my doctor needed to induce a period. AF was here from 2/14 to 2/21 (I have PCOS) and my doctor wanted to check for any blockages with this HSG procedure. I take 750mg of Metiformin and a Prenatal vitamin everyday for almost 2 years, faithfully! Since I do not have regular periods, could it be possible to estimate my next period and ovulation, from this last period?? Some opinions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance. ******** Baby dreams & dust to you all*******


DD - February 27

Well, I do not have PCOS, but I have taken both provera and prometrium because I do not ovulate and hence do not get my period. I just finished an unsuccessful round of clomid. I think if you are not ovulating regularly it will be hard to estimate ovulation?!?!?!? Has your doctor mentioned anything about clomid??? My cycles are averaging 49 days, but I have not had any ovulation in the past 5 cycles, they've all been induced by some meds. Ask your doc. I am not farmiliar with Metiformin. Good Luck to you.


Lynn - February 27

I take 2000mg of metformin. I also have PCOS and do not ovulate regularly. I am seeing an RE and my ovulation is brought on by an HCG trigger shot after my internal unltrasound to measure follicle size. I am on cd 14 and went to RE on cd 12 for ultrasound to check for follicles. I had 2 (18 and 15) which was induced by my trigger shot on Sat. at 5pm. I will O 36 hours after trigger shot adn was told to BD 2x Sunday and 1x on Monday to make sure we covered it. I was unsuccessful with clomid (took it for over 9 months) and was finally told people with PCOS do not sometimes respond to clomid. I have taken 2 cycles of femara (responded both times, one 2nd cycle now) but last month would have been a miracle as I had an ectopic in Spet. 2005 and lost right tube. My suggestion is read as much as you can on these posts and ask many question to your doctor.


Sabrina79 - February 28

Thank you DD & Lynn for your info! To your question DD, I have tried Clomid before infact I did 4 treatments with no success. When I first started Metformin, I had a period pretty regularly (like every month to every other month), but now it seems to come whenever it wants. Last year (2005) I had one in Feb(4 days long), March(3 days long), June(9 days long) & Oct.(1 day) That was it!! So the doctor did the HSG, and told me and my DH that if everything came back okay (No blocked tubes, ect..) we will then proceed to IUI. This is my first Fertility treatment and would be first pregnancy too!
Lynn- Are you doing doing infertility treatments? What does the HSG trigger shots do exactly? Are they used in conjunction with infertility treatments like IUI AND IVF? Thanks for your help!!

***Baby dreams & dust to you both****


Lynn - February 28

Sabrina79....an HcG trigger shot forces your body into ovulation. It is usually used in conjunction with fertility drugs (both oral and injections). I have taken HcG trigger shots both for injections and femara (oral). I am seeing and RE and have been since June 2004, so yes....I am taking fertility drugs. Be proactive and ask tons of questions.



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