ovulation ? can anyone help
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brellen - May 20

hi i have taken my first round of clomid, i did opk every day nothing till round day 10 i started to a faint test line then on day 17 i got a test line almost the same colour would this indicate a LH surge then after that day back to nothing is that normal? also we BD CD 7,9,11,14,16,18,20 do you think this would be enough to conceive? thanks for any suggestion and baby dust to all


Happiness4e - May 20

hi , if i get to bd all of these days, i would of being pregnant by now :) :) :). i am just kidding . i think you are covered. so now is the waiting game . good luck to you .


fitnessfan21 - May 20

That should have definitely been your LH surge. I hope you get a bfp! Good luck.


brellen - May 20

thankyou weel the waiting is what sucks well ill know for sure soon coz i go in for a blood test in two days



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