OVULATION- BBT and thermometers
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texas girl - June 2

I'm 35 & trying to get preg. Per my obgyn instructions, I am to take my BBT each a.m. in order to predict ovulation.
Instructions say to use only a "special metabolic thermometer" however I was only able to find regular, digital thermometer. Pharmasists I asked had no idea what it was!

Anyway, I should ovulating now, but my temp is still in the 97's, where as it is supposed to be up in the 98's when you ovulate.
Could my themometer be wrong? Is it that crucial to have this special type of thermometer?
I used to use the easy test kits from the store - can't I use those again? They're much easier.

aaarrggg it's never easy

thanks!! :)


stacey - June 2

It's called a BBT thermometer, and they are supposed to be more sensitive...your temp will only go up AFTER you ovulate. It's a good idea to use both, the opk's- predict ovulation 2 days before and temps which tell you when you have already ovulated.



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