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Amy - May 9

Hello. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me how I know when I am ovulating? I do not really know anything about it. Also, what is it with checking temp? Thank you to anyone who can help me.


Caroline - May 9

Ovulation is usually the exact middle day of ur cycle. Like if your cycle is 28 days long you should be ovulating 14 days from the first day of your period. 30 days, and it would be 15 days, and so on.


Amy - May 9

well the last time i did on the 25th i believe. then, i started yesterday. i had been on the depo shot. my last shot was september last year. maybe i should start keeping track from this point or should i go ahead and keep track from the 25th?


stacey - May 9

ovulation happens 14 days before your period. You can check if you are ovulating by checking your cm- if it is stretchy 1-10 inches, and looks like eggwhites, then that's a good sign. if taking temps- you temp first thing in am before you get up, and temp at the same time each day (try to)...Your temp will go up after you ovulate. Check out fertilityfriend.com it's a great resource!


Amy - May 9

Thank you both so much. I appreciate the help. take care.:)



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