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roxy - March 15

Been trying to get pregnant for about 8-months now. On these forums I read women talking about when they ovulate...how do you know when exactly that ou ovulate? I use the OPK's, but I thought that when it shows up Positive...that means you will be ovulation within the next 12-36 hours? I'm just so frustrated (as are many of you)...I'm just trying to figure out what I may be doing wrong.


Lilu - March 15

I'm in the same boat as you. I don't think we're doing anything wrong. Do you chart your temps? my new motto is to bd until my temp goes up which is after you ovulate. I got my +opk on saturday and sunday so we've been bd'ing since friday. My temp hasn't gone up yet and I sure hope it does by tomorrow. It's really sucks when you're doing everything u can and you still get that BFN. How long are ur cycles and are they the same every month?


June - March 15

Hi Roxy, Yes you are correct it does mean you will ovulate in that time frame. I suggest BD'ing a few days before "o" day. You know the best time to concieve is 2 days before "O" day because the sperm is waiting for the egg. Good luck!


Ann - March 15

roxy, you are correct about the opks. A lot of the women on here (myself included) go the the dr around O time to get ultrasounds. Then the dr gives you a shot to make you O, and you go in the next day to see if you have Oed yet. As far as I know, that is the closest way to pinpoint it!


Hey Lilu - March 15

If your temp hasnt gone up it means you havent ovulated yet. Only once your temp goes up and stays up until AF comes does it prove you have ovulated.


Lilu - March 15

OH YES... I know! but it just crazy b/c the opks and my temps never flow together. And your temps is the only reliable proof that you o'ed not these opks. That's my point exactly. I even bought the more expensive easy read clearblue digital ones that give you the smiley faces. I just love them b/c it takes all the guess work out of it. BUT BUT BUT... if I got my +opk sat & sun. I should have o'ed by yesterday and my temp should be up def. by tomorrow. So we'll see.


June - March 15

Lilu..Good luck tomorrow ! Keep us posted with whatver happens


roxy - March 15

Thank You ladies...but could you also tell me about charting your temp? I'm trying to sound ignorant...but I really don't know and my dh and I have just been trying to do it the old fashioned way which is not working.


for roxy - March 15

google basal body temperature and you will get tons of information on how to do it. Then go to fertilityfriend.com and use their free charts to keep track of the temps. DO NOT use their ovulation indicator it has been wrong 2x's with me (I know do to ultrasounds) so still use opks and cerval mucous, cervical postiioning (google those also) and use your bbts. good luck


meg - March 15

I used OPK's & they NEVER worked!! They were always negative. I also had very little CM & EWCM, so I couldn't go by that either. The only way I knew I Oed was by charting my temps. I definitely had the temp. spike with ovulation. DH & I basically just BDed everday, once a day unless AF was here, so that way I definitely wouln't miss anything! Good luck!


Lilu - March 16

WOW... Meg, you were able to get dh to bd that much!! Well.. guys my temp is still down?? so I just don't get it. Hopefully tomorrow it will go up? If not then these opks just aren't working?? I mean I go my + but shouldn't my temp have gone up by today if it was correct? SOOO FUSTRATING. So we plan to bd tonight, just in case. TO ROXY: charting is your temp is a way to keep track of your cycle. You get a basil therometer (it should be where you buy ur opks & pt in the drug store) take your temp as soon as you open your eyes. Don't do anything b4 you take you temp. So basically have that theromter by your nightstand. And as someone mentioned fertility friend.com is the best way to input that data b/c it electronically charts it for you. It's really cool. You'll get into the habit of doing it everyday as soon as that alarm clocks goes off. Start from cd1, the first day of your period. My temp b4 I ovulate is around 97.9ish then after after I ovulate it goes up to 98.4ish. That's how you can tell you ovulated b/c your temp goes up. My theary is that bd until your temp goes up b/c that's the only real indication that you truly o'ed. I hope this helps. It really easy. Just take your temp right after you open your eyes as your still in bed then go to fertility friend and enter your temp in. After a couple months you'll start to see a pattern in your cycles. So you'll know if it's around the same time every month. Or you can use it like I do with the opks. Good luck!


Silly me - March 16

Ok, this might be a stupid question,but what does this mucus look like when you ovulate? Is it white or clear? Sticky?


meg - March 16

Lilu-oh yes, DH was (is) always up for BDing!! :) It was always me that had to get in the mood. It was tiring though...but definitely worth it in the end...I'm due in Sept. (15 weeks today). Good luck to you!!!!


Lilu - March 17

Aww... how sweet Meg!! Good luck to you. SILLY ME... it's suppose to be clear and stringy like eggwhites. I'm not a pro on the whole CM stuff but thats what I read. I just can't get the hang of the CM


Lilu - March 17

And GUESS WHAT!! My temp went up today! I was so excited when I got that temp this morning. YIPPEEE... I hope all this bd'ing has pay off this month.


Nikki - March 17

I use fertilityfriend, what part of it is wrong? Is it the little green light? Or the lines to indicate when you ovulated?
How much is my temp supposed to rise?



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