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jessica - September 19

i take clomid and i ovulate on the 21st. i can only see my boyfriend on the 20th, 21st, or 22nd. which day should i try on. which day would be the best.


Robyn - September 19

Hi Jessica,
They say to do it as close to the day you O as possible - so if you know for sure that you O on the 21st then do it then. if you will see him on the 20, 21 and 22, do it everyday, then you will have the best chance.
Good luck - babydust to you!


Jessica - September 19

thanks robyn. im just a lilttle nervous because i had a miscarrage in april. thanks for the dust here's some back @ya.


Robyn - September 19

I understand, I had a m/c in Nov, its tough to try again and have AF keep coming back every month.
But hey at least we know we are able to get pg, now its just a matter of timing. And it will happen for us, try not to worry, and have fun trying!

I found that fertilityfriend.com is a really good website to learn about when you ovulate and when you should be BDing. It has to do with charting your temps, but it really helped me a lot b/c i learned that I ovulate almost a week later than I thought, so we had been doing it too early all this time!
Hopefully this will be the month for both of us! BABYDUST!


paula - September 20

when do you feel ovulation pain before during are after.


Robyn - September 20

Hi Paula,
I think you feel it when the ovulation happens, some feel it, some don't though. I guess it feels like a cramp on one side, whichever ovary is releasing the egg. And i guess your cervix gets smaller and moves down a little and you may notice this either by touch or it may be a little painful during sex.



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