ovulating with cyst?
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soimpatient - October 22

I was wondering if it is actually possible to ovulate even though you have a large cyst? I have a big cyst (60mm) and I am scheduled for a lap on Nov. 30th. I was wondering if I should bother with temping & OPKs. If there is a possiblity that I can O then I want to use them. What do you think?


cdmrose - October 22

soimpatient, I'm certainly no expert, but for what it's worth I recently had a large cyst on an ovary, and my RE said sometimes she sees that at the very early onset of pregnancy. At the same time, she said it was still too early to do a pregnancy test. That month I was using an OPK and I did get my surge when expected. My cyst went away after my period, thank goodness, so no surgery was needed. Wish she had been right about the pregnancy bit. If you don't want to spend the $$ you can also temp (that's free!) Anyway good luck and take care, hope you're not in too much pain...


isa - October 23

I had 4 large cysts back last november and ended up ovulating on cd29. I normally ovulate betwen cd12-14. I knew because I was temping. I stopped after about 10 days of opks as it got too expensive but continued with my bbt'ing. They went away by themselves by the way. good luck



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