ovulating ut no clear cervical mucus
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aoife - February 7

hi can any one help me,
i am ttc for a few months been off birth control for a while and used condoms till i was ready to concieve, prob is i am ovulation as i had tests done but there is no sign of fertile cervical mucus.. can this be normal or is there anything i can use to aid the sperm...


Mega - February 7

There are a couple things you can do to aid your CM. Eating carrots, drinking green tea & grapefruit juice have been shown to help. One of my buddy's on this board is taking Evening Primrose, which is supposed to help EWCM too. So is cough medicine, plain old Robitussin (or generic) with just guafesin as the only primary ingredient. Take Evening Primrose or Robitussin up until you O. PreSeed sperm friendly lubricant has been shown to not kill sperm, so that might be another option. It's a little expensive, but I've read plenty of success stories. Good luck. HTH!


aoife - February 7

thanks mega



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