Ovulating twice in one cycle?
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UNIQUE1 - January 29

Is it possible to ovulate twice in one cycle? I have been using clomid for 3 months now, cycle days 5-9 and am a little confused. I started my third round on 1/25-day 5 and I feel like I ovulated on day 8. I had egg white cm and a little stop of blood. I even took an OPT and it showed positive. Do you think since I still have another day of clomid I will ovulate again later this month? We did bd last night just incase I did ovulate, but it was really unexpected.


SashaP - January 29

I don't think you O'd yet. The first time I was on clomid I did a OPK on cd 6 and it was very +. I called my Dr and she confirmed it was the clomid causing a false +. Some of the OPK's directions will tell you clomid can effect the test. Good luck with testing!!


UNIQUE1 - January 29

Thanks, I was starting to worry that we missed our chance this month.



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