Ovulating twice a month! Is that possible
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confused - August 8

I have been taking mt BBT and OPK test. Seems like I have ovulated day 16, but in the past from my BBT charting, my temp goes up around day 17 then drops day 18 and 19 and then increases day 20. I am confused, could you ovulate twice. My OPK sticks were dark day 13 and 14.


D. - August 8

There was a small study done that showed that some women MAY O twice a month. But it was very small. More than likely what you are having is a fallback rise. It's exactly what you describe. Your temp rises, drops then rises and stays up.


AM - August 9

Thanks D. It would be good to read this study, do you ahve the source info pls.


D. - August 9

Here ya go!


AM - August 9

Thanks. i have tried to get on this site. Hvaing problem. thanks for forwarding this any how.


D. - August 9

Try this one: http://www.ivf.net/content/i


D. - August 9

Strange that isn't working either. Just type in Pierson in the search field at the top of the page and the article will be the only one listed.


D. - August 9

Meaning at www.ivf.net of course. Sigh.


christina - August 9

i ovulated twice on clomid, theres a small chance and i happen to be one but didnt fall pregnant.



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