Ovulating Twice????? HELP!
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sherry - January 2

i got a +opk on cd9, and bd our brains out, it was early, but a definate +, and i had all the signs, mucus, pain, etc., now i just felt alittle weird so i took a ovulation test, and i got another immediate + result. inbetween cd9 and now, they have been negative, so this must be a second ovulation right? problem is, iam now on cd 17, and i don't think my hubby will be up to bd-ing some more. if i get him once i will be lucky. woe is me, i hope the first was not a fluke. anyone hear of this happening? thanks!


dea - January 3

YES!! Some theories say that a woman can O twice. Once during her regular cycle and once during a "Lunar Release". You can go to www.fertility-rythyms.com and check it out. LUCKY GIRL!!! Pace you DH ha! ha!!


Holly - January 3

I have heard of it... happend to me as well this past month. Good luck! ~*Baby Dust*~


Melissa - January 3

While I have never heard of ovulating twice, I have come to accept the fact that I do not know nearly as much as I thought I did about the human body, so I say good luck to you! I guess you have two chances this month to make a baby. I got a positive OPK yesterday. We had intercourse last night. We also had intercourse on Friday night as well. I have the same problem as you! I don't think I will get him to do it again tonight. I really want to to make sure that there are sperm alive in there for an egg. I am hoping we conceived last night, but who knows. It's all such a mystery to me! I thought I knew about all of this until I had a miscarriage at almos 9 weeks a few months ago. After all that, and all the research and reading, I found out how little I actually know!


sherry - January 3

thanks girls. sorry about the miscrriage melissa. i hope you get your sticky bean soon. i wish that for you all. strange, that this morning i still got a + opk. is that weird to last from yesterday to today? we bd last night, does that mean it was too soon, cause i doubt i can get him again today, for another round. anyone know? thanks, sherry


dea - January 3

Hi SHERRY: Last night should be good...nice timing!! Is the line getting darker or lighter??? That tells you if the hormone is peaking or receeding (sp?).


SaraD - January 3

I have friends that O 2x a month.Good luck and tons of baby dust!!!


sherry - January 3

well, it was slightly lighter today, however it was 1st morning urine, which isn't the best eigther, so perhaps it may have been otherwise darker. don't think anything will get him goin tonight. i dressed up like a naughty nurse last night, and wore the sucker out, lol. hopefully it is leaving. i'll try again later and see. thanks everyone :)



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